Month: June 2019

Personal Payday Loan Online

In France, a Personal payday loan is a form of consumer credit that is not intended to finance a defined project, unlike the loan allocated to finance the purchase of a specific good or service. For example, the Personal payday loan can be used to help the borrower with certain expenses such as renovation costs, Read More

Online Credit Loans for Public Servants

The job security of the official reassures the lending institutions, whether they are online banks or physical financial institutions. Permanent civil servants, contract workers and trainees from the State, local authorities and the hospital sector are all entitled to a public credit. European elected officials, as well as employees of public institutions are also concerned. Read More

The buyout of credit in case of divorce

Divorce upsets a couple’s life, especially financially. This is complicated when there are outstanding credits that have been calculated on the basis of spouses’ salaries. The divorce judgment may order the recovery of the debts contracted together at the expense of one of them. On the side of the family residence whose purchase was made Read More

The pre-Christmas sell-offs have started – Take cheap cash loan

Pre-Christmas promotions of cash loans are offered by most banks. When comparing cash loans, it can be noted that most banks have already introduced changes that are beneficial for customers. First of all, interest rates on loans and cash loans have been lowered, starting from 9.9%. Review of promotional loans and cash loans. Some banks Read More