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Credit Purchase for Military Loan

Modulable at will, the grouping of credits is a financial operation which addresses all the profiles. The purchase of credit for military is part of many variations of this banking offer. Officials working in the army, the police or the national gendarmerie will benefit from a lighter monthly payments. Here are some details.   What Read More

The buyout of credit in case of divorce

Divorce upsets a couple’s life, especially financially. This is complicated when there are outstanding credits that have been calculated on the basis of spouses’ salaries. The divorce judgment may order the recovery of the debts contracted together at the expense of one of them. On the side of the family residence whose purchase was made Read More

Revolving Credit Insurance

Revolving credit insurance, or permanent credit, is not mandatory. But to the extent that the money paid back is still available, it is wise to protect yourself if the credit is spread over time.   The peculiarity of a revolving credit The borrower has a sum of agent to use as it sees fit, partially Read More